REgisterd Black Hereford Calves for sale

ROCK E103 "Boss"

"BOSS" is Homozygous Black. Great looking young bull real thick and good length. Born 9-18-2017 BW 79 lbs. $1750.00

GEM E104 "Storm"

"STORM" is from a medium frame cow. Excellent Genetics. Built solid out of our herd sire ROCK. Heterozygous  Born 9-21-2017  BW 72 lbs.   $1250.00      


"ACE" Medium Framed bull perfect for heifers. Out of our Herd sire ROCK.  Heterozygous Born 9-27-2017  BW 72lbs. $1250.00

GEM E106 "Princess"

"PRINCESS" Super Nice heifer with the Hereford look. Great genetics. What I like to call a herd starter. Heterozygous Born 10-2-2017 BW 76lbs.  $1250.00

GEM F103 "Sissy"


"SISSY" Spring calf  with Hereford look. Going to be a good prospect. Out of Herd sire ROCK. Born 3-3-2018 BW 69lbs. DNA pending

ROCK F105 "Thunder"

"THUNDER" Spring calf with Baldie look.  Nice built bull with some length. Born 3-13-2018 BW 79lbs. DNA pending